Project Echo’s Sam’s Christmas has provided hundreds of Holiday Hampers to families in need, and this year… we need your help!

With humble beginnings in 2003, Project Echo Founder, Jeff Fisher,  provided just three families with a Christmas that would have made his grandfather proud. Since then, those 3 hampers have multiplied to over 30 hampers for nominated families and over 100 emergency food hampers for those in need in our inner city each Christmas.

Sam’s Christmas is an amazing annual initiative that takes place in the months leading up to, and during the holiday season. Working with community partners such as Sturgeon Heights Collegiate and the St. James School Division, Project Echo can identify families who are in need during the holidays.

It could be a family that looks great from the outside, the kids are in school sports and get their homework done but a single parent is struggling at home to keep food on the table and make sure they have running shoes to play those sports.

These are no ordinary hampers as we not only ensure that families receive gifts for Christmas, we also make sure they receive items to help them maintain quality of life. The hampers include perishable and non-perishable food, cleaning supplies such as laundry detergent, toiletries, and clothing for the whole family. In the past, the hampers have been so large they have required a forklift to move them. Some families have been able to get back on their feet after receiving a Sam’s Christmas hamper since it removes the stress of the holiday and allows them to focus on taking care of their family.